Saturday, October 17, 2009

Things I admire...

There are qualities in human beings that I particularly admire. Things such as honesty, kindness, ingenuity, wisdom, generosity, sense of humor, flexibility and tenacity.

This large tree, growing out of a granite outcropping, made me think about some of these qualities. To me this tree is an excellent illustration of tenacity. It has grown quite tall and appeared to be healthy, with its roots purchasing little more than cold stone.

I have been surprised over and over by people who have similar strengths. An acquaintance of mine told me today that she had a mastectomy 6 months ago. She said, "They wanted to keep me in the hospital, but I went home the same day. I was doing business on the phone that afternoon," (She and her husband own a small business.) I know I would not have that kind of gumption, but oh! how I admire people who do.
Trees, too.

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