Saturday, March 9, 2013

Early signs of spring...

Although the thermometer has been staying in the 20's at night and not much higher during the day,and the ground is still covered with deep snow, the calender shows the days of March are marching forward and that means that spring is near. Living with livestock the signs of the changing season are quite obvious. The chickens are responding to the increase in daylight hours by cranking out more eggs. I collected a lovely dozen eggs in one day this week, many more than they produce during the dead of winter. This pretty chicken is a rose comb Leghorn. I wish her feathers showed up in the photo as beautifully as they do in real life. She is a lovely bird, and lays pretty white shelled eggs. The goats, too, are showing signs of spring. Not only are they shedding their shaggy winter coats, but they are both looking very, VERY pregnant,(Nova goat top, Luna below.) When I hug them around the middle I can feel the kid (or kids!) kicking inside them. Their udders are filling and soon we will have wee little goats getting into everything and driving us nuts! I can hardly wait. When the days are dreary and the weather cold, I look to the critters for proof that winter will soon end, the world will bloom with new life and wonderful spring will unfold.

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