Sunday, March 17, 2013


Since the girls are due to kid at the end of March or beginning of April, we needed to have a safe place for them to labor,deliver and bond with their new wee ones. Or garage is a terrible mess, and neither of us ever feel very inspired to work at cleaning it. However, with the right motivation (baby goats!) I got right to work clearing out a spot. Mr. Wonderful helped, of course,cranking happy music in the chill air and we even had a pretty good time. It took some doing to get the cattle panel I had neatly stored outside by the fence out of the ice that had it frozen to the ground, but we persevered,hauling gallons of hot water out to dump along the 16' length of the thing until we were able to wrench it free. After a few hours of effort,we created a nice spot for the goatie girls. They were quite suspicious at first, but since I've been feeding them in the new pen they are getting more comfortable with the situation. I will layer in deep hay for bedding at the time grows near. Meanwhile I am watching their bellies and udders grow. Though it is March and spring-like in much of the country, we had snow on Thursday and more is expected in the coming week. But most of the old snow is gone from the ground now. This makes the chickens and ducks very happy. They range all over the meadow, scratching and pecking and seeming to be delighted with the world. We've had some days warm enough for puddles to form, and the ducks explore them all with great glee. They don't need motivation to get about their business. I should be more like my birds!

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