Monday, March 4, 2013

The welcome...

After a weekend away this old house greets me like a hug. After airplanes and shuttles and rides from friends, after hotel beds and maid service and every meal from a restaurant,after too little sleep and too much talking, the peace of washing eggs in the silent dawn soothes. The paper whites I planted after the blizzard are in full bloom, and the scent of them greeted me when we arrived home from the airport at midnight. The dogs greeted, too, all wiggles and rumbling voices of happiness, Flirt flinging herself into my arms and flattening her body against mine with heart-wrenching sobs. She stares at me as if I might vanish again any instant. The simple joy of cooking breakfast for my husband... home raised ham and eggs, wiping the counters, washing the dishes, these are the things that welcome me with gladness.

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