Sunday, April 7, 2013


During this last difficult week while we struggled with Nova goat, I neglected to mention the story of Luna and her kids. Here is a quick recap... last spring my epically patient husband casually mentioned that we should get a dairy goat. About 20 seconds later I located one for sale on the local swap site and we brought her home the first week of April. She was underfed and pathetic, with a tiny week-old kid at her side. She and I fell in love with each other. I nursed her to health, she snuggled with me at every opportunity. Last Monday she began to bleat softly all day long. I was pretty sure she was in labor. Late afternoon found me sitting with her in the little calf hutch. It was very clear that she wanted me to be near, if I left (to get a warmer coat and some mittens, perhaps) she'd holler! It began to rain, the droplets pattering softly on the roof of the hutch. It wasn't long until she laid down near my lap and began to push. In seconds I saw two miniscule hooves appear, and moments later in a rush there was a big buckling gasping in the hay. I helped her clean him off, and she began to push again. Very soon a second buckling appeared. Chanel, the horse, kept sticking her big, nosy head into the hutch. And then the most amazing thing happened. She began to help Luna clean off her new babies. Luna didn't seem to mind. The air was cold, but between the old horse and the mama goat, the two brand new babies were soon clean and dry. Within moments they were up, wobbly and trying to figure out the milk bar. Luna's kids and the triplets are slowly getting to know each other. There is a lot of romping and bouncing as they learn to use their legs and be baby goats. It is a treat to watch them. During this difficult week I have lost track of the joy of all this new life. I am trying to refocus now, on all the blessings. Spring is slow to come to Maine this year, but it is creeping in... evidenced by the slightest blush to the trees, the hint of greening on the lawns and meadows. The weather is still cold, but spring is nigh. And I am surrounded by incredibly adorable baby goats. Life is good.

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