Friday, July 12, 2013

Random things...

A new groomer friend of mine, Ashley, is here visiting for 5 days from Texas. She is shadowing me at work (and helping a LOT!) and on Sunday we are going to have a day of cat grooming immersion. She likes my dogs. They LOVE her.

Flirt takes every opportunity to sneak into the guest room and bother poor Ashley. Here she is looking like some small animated thing rubbing herself all over the guest bed. She cracks me up.

Ashley kindly helps me with chores in the evening. The animals provide a few laughs... here are the doelings doing their headless goat impersonation.

Corn is in! These are the first ears of the summer... locally grown and fresh picked hours before we ate them. These were small, tender little things, bursting with the flavor of summer. I can't get enough fresh corn this time of year. Summer holds so many delights, I try to appreciate each of them as they come.

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Ashley Ann said...

Aww I just saw this! Love you Daryl. I had a lovely time!