Saturday, January 4, 2014

A stitch in time...

And now for something completely different.
It all began when my daughter visited my sister Donna. There she saw a photo taken of me in my early 20's, at my cousin's wedding. She brought the picture to me so I could scan it and have a copy. When I saw the thing, I instantly recalled the moment it was taken. And then I noticed the dress I was wearing. It was pretty, a midnight blue cotton with a tiny floral print. I had made that dress!

I used to sew quite a lot. I learned how to in Home Economics class. My then boyfriend's mom was an accomplished seamstress, and she encouraged my hobby. I made several quilts, some clothing, many crafty items. Then I went off to college and married and moved a lot of times. I took my trusty sewing machine with me but it sat, unused for many years. Eventually I gave it to a young girl that wanted to learn to sew.

Seeing that photo my daughter brought home, that dress with the funky sleeves, it made me long for the days in which I created with a needle and thread. II mentioned this to my husband, and he gifted me with a beautiful new sewing machine for Christmas.

I read the instruction book. Twice. This machine is far more sophisticated than the one I had back then. I was a little concerned that I would be unable to figure out how to work the thing. But I got brave, set it up, and found that I remembered how to thread a sewing machine. I remembered how to wind a bobbin. I remembered how to begin and end and the rhythm of the work was familiar, even after all these years.

I made a simple little project... stitched a hand towel into a little caddy to hold things in my bathroom.

It is not perfect, but is practical, and I had such fun making it, and finding that my brain and body had not forgotten an old joy. I can hardly wait to see what new joy awaits!

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