Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hyacinths and memories...

24 years ago, when I was in the hospital having just hatched my daughter, my older sister Dicy arrived to meet the newest family member. She brought an entourage of friends, they filled my little room with chatter and love, and she brought me a hyacinth plant, which filled the air with its indescribably sweet scent. To this day the look and scent of that particular plant takes me swooping right back to the joy of that birthing day. Dicy went on to more celestial adventures 12 years ago, and I always think of her when hyacinths are around, too.

Today I met two new friends, and they came with a hyacinth plant. Swoop! Happy feeling. The new folks, Allison and Steve, are friends with one of my favorite Memphis neighbors, and they are thinking of relocating to Maine. We have been chatting a bit on Facebook and arranged to meet today. I asked if they'd like to have breakfast here at Fairwind's today, and they agreed. I made them waffles with fresh eggs and goat milk, and bacon from a home raised pig. Lots of pleasant chatter ensued, and we parted with hugs. I hope they move nearby!

Fast forward a few hours, and the mail lady delivered a box to my door.
Inside? Pictures and memorabilia from my sister Dicy's partner. She had been sorting through things and had packed me up a box of items she thought would be meaningful.

I opened the box on the table where I had set the fragrant hyacinth, and the lovely connection of it all was not lost on me. So much sweetness in one space.

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solarity said...

I just went and read through the letters I wrote her all those years ago. It's perfectly possible to miss someone you've never met.

Mary Anne in Kentucky