Sunday, January 19, 2014

Snow is falling in a slow, lazy manner. There is an inch or two of accumulation so far, just enough to add a clean frosting to the world around me.

Soft gray is the color of the day.

I hauled 10 gallons of warm water out for the goats and pony, the pony thanked me by immediately drinking about half of it.

No problem! I can carry more.

We picked the doelings up last night from my friends farm. They have been there almost a month, visiting with her buck. We know that Novella has been bred, not so sure about Celeste. They snuggled up in the back "seat" of the truck, lying down so cutely, and rode like seasoned travelers as we maneuvered over the snowy roads to home. Once here there was a lot of nose sniffing through the fence as Luna and Chanel greeted the little wanderers. Once I opened the gate there were a few moments of head butting, then everyone went off to eat hay together. It is so nice to see the girls out there... I missed their little faces and whimsical ways.

I hope they are glad to be home. On this snowy Sunday morning, when the house and the rest of its inhabitants are asleep, I am happy to be right here, watching the lazy flakes fall and sipping a cup of tea. To me, home is the very best place to be.

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