Monday, January 20, 2014

Goose chase...

Marion (she who instigates new animal acquisitions) called me. "What are you doing? Want to go get a goose?" Luckily the goose in question was not for me, but for her. She saw an advertisement for the bird in the local swap paper. It had lost its mate and was forlorn. And free.

The goose was only two towns away. We took a left down a side street. Lots of snow and ice. A four wheel drive special, with ruts that would swallow a Smart Car. In no time we were there.

Loud, loud honking was echoing out of that cute coop.

Marion peeked in. Yup. There was a goose all right.

A HUGE one. Marion popped her into a crate and off we went. Our "wild" goose chase a success. It was doubly successful because I returned home with NO new livestock. Bonus!