Sunday, September 27, 2015


After morning chores I came right in and tackled kitchen cleaning. Niece Aimee and her sweet husband, Tim came from Massachusetts for a visit and supper last night, and there were mounds of dishes to take care of. The windows were shut because it got quite chilly last night. And those windows... they are dirty from a summer of bugs dancing on them and leaving behind bug poo and little dead bug bodies and general bug ick. The one over my kitchen sink is particularly heinous. I will get a ladder out this week and clean it up. I certainly don't want to be looking out that smudgy thing all winter long. At any rate, in the midst of my dish washing something outside that grimy window caught my eye. I stopped dead in my tracks looked a long moment, then hustled up my camera and marched right back outside.

Because sometimes the outside beckons and cannot be denied.

The sun was rising behind an ancient pine, and a bowl of mist had settled over the house. And it looked like this...

The animals seemed to notice the light. Ella paused her grazing to gaze.

Chanel did, too.

Luna, (who is gaining weight and feeling very perky) stopped playing with Jane and they stared at the scene.

And then the mist lifted and the sun crept over the pine. The moment was gone, but I managed to treasure that magical, enticing light while it lasted.

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