Saturday, September 12, 2015


My little Silkie chicken that hatched out two chicks has been the BEST mother. She has kept her babies close to her, and in the coop. She keeps the other hens far away from them, and tucks the chicks under her warm feathers when they rest. She has shown them how to eat, how to snuggle into the nest box at night, how to scratch and peck and find water. They are strong and healthy and oh-so-cute. Today, for the first time, she took them out of the coop. I didn't see them exit the building, but did find them in the yard. Mama hen introduced them to the wonders of dirt to scratch in and clover to nibble.

The rooster was on guard, making sure the hen and babies were safe.

When the little ones became tired from their explorations, they cuddled up under their mothers warm skirts.

As dusk fell they dutifully followed her up the ramp,and into the snug coop. They tucked into the hay-filled nest box for the night. The rooster followed. I locked the doors to keep them safe. I can hardly wait till tomorrow when the babies will be out again. They are such fun to watch as they explore the big world.


Johnna said...

Great photos!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Johnna said...

Great photos!! Thanks for sharing!!