Tuesday, September 29, 2015

More about milk...

For the past several weeks I have been giving goat milk to a local friend who had an orphaned calf which was allergic to formula. The calf was tiny and very thin, but now she tips the scale at 200 pounds and is happily hanging out in a big pasture with other cows (hopefully) getting fat. Her owner told me she would be weaning the calf and had no further need for milk.

Today, after and making two quarts of yogurt and then sliding a fresh 2 quart jar of milk into the refrigerator to rub shoulders with several other full jars, I thought, "I should make cheese. I have a lot of milk." Just then my phone buzzed, and I had a message from a local woman whose sow (female pig) was very ill. She has a bunch of 9 day old piglets that needed some supplemental feeding. "Come on over," I told her.

So far these sweeties have polished off two pans of good goat milk. I hope they thrive and grow. I am so happy that my goats can help local critters.

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