Monday, October 19, 2015

Notes on goats...

The goats, in the 4 or so years that I have had them, have been mostly trouble free. The last few months, however, there has been much illness and woe.
First Luna, losing weight and pathetic, for such a long time. The vet saw her often, and finally, after many other efforts, treated her for an internal parasite called liver flukes. She responded well, is gaining weight and seems happier than she has been in forever. She has even been running... a sight that thrills me.

Just as the herd was all well again, Celeste developed mastitis (an infection in her udder.) The infection became systemic, and she became very ill, the vet and I both doubted that she'd live. To my joy, she did, with some intensive care. She never really bounced back though. I am extremely fond of my vet, but really, I have been seeing her too often. She came again, and left me with a huge bag of needles, syringes, and various medications. Morning and night that poor Celeste goat is a pin cushion as I shoot her full of antibiotics and vitamins. Then there are oral pain killers ("hidden" in applesauce,) various supplements designed to enhance her health,serious wormers in case parasites were causing some of her woes,and more. She has had severe neurological symptoms, difficulty walking, staring at the sky, curving her spine to the left like a horrible caprine comma. My vet sent her case into her veterinary college professor to gain added insight. He found the symptoms to be perplexing as well.

I am hesitant to say, but I think we may have rounded a corner in the last 24 hours or so. I was delighted to see Celeste (in the blue bandanna) sun bathing with the rest of the herd, chewing her cud contentedly and looking, dare I say? Happy.

My goats bring me joy. I had no idea I would ever fall in love with goats, but I have. They are smart, funny, affectionate and produce delicious milk. They keep my horse company and provide me with endless entertainment. They have taught me much... and I am hoping that we are nearing the end of a few rough months. Please keep a good thought for Celeste, and hope that she regains her regal good health. I'd like to be done with needles and vets and medication, at least for a bit.

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