Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday drive...

The day almost begged us to take a Sunday drive. It was chilly, and blustery, and the autumn leaves, at their peak just yesterday, were blowing off the trees with emphatic gusto. So we followed the urge and buckled up. Flirt, the toy poodle, implored to join us.

We drove scenic routes 126 and 213 along Damriscotta lake, past beautiful homes, stunning foliage, enviable farms. The road took us into Damriscotta, with it's spectacular marsh and ocean views. We stopped for a cup of hot clam chowder. Flirt was shivery, so Chris tucked her up in a cozy spot. She approved.

While we waited for our food I walked out on the nearby pier.Looking down I saw crumbling pilings, floating kelp, and one, bright maple leaf.

The gulls,apparently bereft from the lack of summer visitors and their cast off food, posed for me, hoping I had bread in my pocked. I found myself, as always, magnetically attracted to them.

We meandered back home, our senses sated from a day rich in visual beauty. It has been a lovely autumn.

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