Monday, January 25, 2016

Everyday miracles...

Leonie Dawson is an artist and motivator whose work inspires me.  This label on my antique Mason jar is her work. It says, "A jar for collecting everyday miracles."  The idea is to jot down terrific things that happen and stow them in a jar.  Then, at the end of the year, take time to look back at all the sweet, kind, happy moments that filled the past 365 days.

Today something jar-worthy happened, but I was sort of forbidden to write about it, lest I embarrass the person from whose largess I have benefited.  So let me just say this... my life is populated by kind, thoughtful, creative, GENEROUS people, and I expect I am going to need a bigger jar before the year is done.  In fact, I may need a wonderful, magical, big wheeled CART to haul all my everyday miracles about in.  And I'm not saying any more, lest I get in trouble. 

Except... THANK YOU! 

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Sumac Grant-Johnson said...

Love the Everyday miracle jar!