Thursday, January 21, 2016

Friend time...

Among the many blessings in my life is that I have some very nice friends.  One of the things I hope to do more of this year is carving time in my life to spend more time with them.  One of my friends called me recently and asked if we could meet for breakfast or lunch some time.  I had a little vacant space in my schedule today and my friend agreed to come here for a visit.

I groomed one dog first, then popped into the kitchen and put a batch of biscuits in the oven.  While they were baking I put some ice water and plates on the table.  I added the pretty new butter dish sweet sister Donna gave me, and a bowl of clementines.  Then I put the pretty napkins my daughter gave me for Christmas by the plates.  I was walking through the room and noticed the sun streaming in, and how nice my little table looked. So I took a picture.  (And yes, that is a bicycle outside in the snow.)

A few months ago, another friend, Joy, gifted me with some wonders from her farm... they were tucked away in the cabinet awaiting a special occasion.

Dandelion blossom syrup and rose infused honey.  Droozled over our hot biscuits... they were quite a taste sensation.

We had a nice visit, and then I got back to work.

This guy and a few more filled the remainder of my day.  But the highlight, by far, was chatting with my friend at my sunny table.  Friend time is good. 

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