Saturday, January 16, 2016


During morning chore time a "wintry mix" was falling from the sky. This is what the weather people call it when a mix of rain, snow, sleet come down. It made a pattering sound as it bounced off my warm coat, and melted coldly on my hair, running down my neck in chilly rivulets.  Shortly after I finished taking care of the animals, the mix changed to snow.

I had a full day of grooming planned, but several people had already called to arrange to come another day.  My first two customers, however, are intrepid Mainers, and both showed up promptly, dogs in tow.  The snow came down thick and heavy.  My entire grooming studio is fronted in glass, and I felt like I was working in a snow globe.

The phone rang a few times, and one by one, the rest of my customers called to rearrange their visit.  By 11 it was plain to see that the rest of the day was to be my own.

I made sure all the animals had plenty of food and water, then changed into my coziest clothes and made a cup of steaming hot mocha. And now I am ensconced on the sofa, cuddled up with dogs and a blanket and a new magazine to read.  We are all here together, with a cozy fire dancing in the wood stove. 

I do love a good storm. 

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