Sunday, January 3, 2016


I bought myself two workbooks (one for life in general, and one for business) and a journal to start the New Year off on a more organized and (hopefully) thoughtful note.  They are designed by Leonie Dawson, and are artistic, happy, positive and uplifting.  Her work strikes a chord with me, and I am enjoying working with them and planning the wonderfulness of 2016.

One thing Leonie suggests is that we keep a jar on hand, and every time something pleasant happens, jotting it down on a slip of paper and tucking it into the jar.  At the end of the year, it would be a wonderful thing to look back at all the nice little (and big!) events that were joyful and think good thoughts about the year as it closes. 

For instance, today I tucked Mr. Abbot into his wonderful new hutch.  One side is deep with clean, sweet hay, the other side has his food, water, mineral block and some things to play with.  He has not yet explored the ramp down to the 4x8 foot space of room for a bunny to bounce and play.  He settled in happily and was a treat to see him exploring his new, luxurious digs. 

The horse and goats were very curious about the new hutch.  When we moved it in (on a trailer hauled by my truck over the ice and snow) there was a lot of snorting. The goats snort and stamp one front hoof when they are worried. The horse was much more dramatic, running, bucking, and making loud snorts of alarm.  She tossed her head and bombed around the pasture in protest of the changes. 

Once the hutch was in place and readied, and Mr.Abbott moved in, Jane had to investigate thoroughly. 

And after Chanel was reassured that it was not a pack of wolves we had brought to the pasture, she checked our pockets for treats and gave Chris a sweet kiss...

 So I think today was a perfect day to put a slip in the jar. A little day full of everyday miracles.
Just the way I like it.

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