Monday, August 15, 2016

Introducing Abraham...

When I was a teen my big sister Dicy had a donkey.  His name was Bolero Pistachio and we all loved him.  I used to hope that one day I would have a donkey.

Many months ago a woman who is both a customer and a friend said to me in passing, "Hey, you want a donkey?" She didn't seem terribly serious, but the wheels in my mind started turning.

 Then recently she contacted me again.  She has had a life change and is finding homes for many of her animals as she embarks on her next chapter.  A kind and responsible owner, she is making sure that each pet has a good home. She encouraged me to come over and meet her donkey, so we did.  He was wandering around the yard, having left the fenced pasture where the horses were.  A sociable guy, he brayed a greeting then came right up to say hello.  I was falling fast. Then my friend lifted his head up and said, "Kiss his nose."  Of course I did. It was warm velvet, and he was perfectly happy to have me smooch him.  "Ok," I said, "I'll take him." Then I paused. "Oh, I should ask Chris first! Chris, may I have a donkey?"  Warm eyes twinkling, he shrugged, "I leave these decisions up to you."

This afternoon my friend brought Abraham to live at FairWinds.

He explored the back yard, meeting the goats, sheep and horse through the fence.

His owners hugged and kissed him. I assured them that they were welcome to visit any time.
When they left he watched with great interest...

Then continued to explore his new digs.  He took a dust bath...

I had planned to leave him in the hen yard or the back yard for the night, letting him visit the other animals over the fence.  But he seemed so anxious to get in with the rest of the herd, I opened the gate.

And now, in the dark of night, the horse and donkey are grazing side by side.
Welcome, Abraham. I hope we will have many happy years together at our peaceable farmlette.

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