Monday, December 12, 2016

Finished festooning...

We have finished decking the halls for Christmas.  It's funny, in general I don't like clutter, but every year I can hardly wait to unpack 3 big boxes crammed with seasonal pillows and quilts, ornaments and nick nacks.  I love having them out. Until I don't, which is about 48 hours after Christmas is over. Then I can't wait to pack them up all again and enjoy the serene sense I get from less stuff all around.  That being said, here are the festive sights at FairWinds.

Getting the tree is always a special time for me. Sometimes we go to a local farm and cut our own, other times we go to a place close by where the trees are leaned up against a vintage red pick up truck. So cute it's hard to resist. And it was snowing when we went there, perfect!

Rachel and Evans came with me and did the heavy lifting. I like the twinkle in Evans eye here.

The Christmas tree we got this year is particularly pretty.  When I was growing up my mother loved trees that were round and full. I remember her delight when we'd find one like that, and I guess that is how my love of that type came about.  I saw a friends tree the other day, tall and thin and elegant, flawlessly decorated with vintage cards and crystal icicles.  I may need to rethink my "ideal." Anyway, when we brought our tree in and set it up, Evan's kindly put the lights on for me.  It looked so nice like that we left it that way for several days, just enjoying the simplicity.  Then we trotted out all the sweet familiar ornaments and went to town.  The ones I sewed our first married Christmas, the baby ornament for Rachel's first, and all the sweet ones made by Rachel and nieces and friends. Many thoughtful ones given as gifts over the years. There is an angel that belonged to my mother in law, and a horse that was my mothers.  So many memories come alive in December.
In the studio I have a little hutch filled up with sweet things... including a little stuffed Santa my grandfather brought me when I was 6 and sick with strep throat. It had a 6 inch elastic ribbon coming from the top of its head, and I can still remember bouncing that jolly elf up and down while I lay on the itchy green couch in the family room, covered in blankets. The elastic is now a sad, stretched out remnant of itself. 
Many horizontal surfaces around the house are covered in greens and trinkets and little lights. 

The house smells of evergreen. And cookies. I made up my first batch of sugar cookies today. 
There will be many more to come. 

And... Rachel made the most amazingly beautiful fabric advent calendar.  She had the excellent idea that we will tuck bits of paper in the pockets with our favorite memories of Christmas this year, so that next  year when we put it up we will be reminded of the high points from the celebration of 2016. I sense a wonderful new tradition starting. 

So there we are.. my mostly blue and white decor has been over ridden with red and green. And I love it. For now.  

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