Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last day of the year...

I woke well before dawn and toyed with the idea of getting up, but it is very cold outside, (11 F) and the bed was awfully warm and comfortable.  So I stayed where I was, and thought about the closing year.

Many people are wishing 2016 away, saying what a horrid year it has been.  Like every year, bad things happened... storms, sickness, fires. People died, there is war and terror and sadness. The presidential election was ugly and fraught with hard feelings. But there were good things, too, and I focused on those as the emerging sun changed the sky from black to grey.

My sweet daughter changed our lives for the better this spring after I fell and dislocated my shoulder. I was unable to work for many months, and she cheerfully put her own goals aside and took the burden onto her own strong shoulders while I healed.  We had a good time working side by side... three arms are better than two, and she accomplished the goal she stated early on, "I want us to look back at this time and think, 'We got through that nicely.'"

That injury also made me re-assess my physical health in general and set some goals to hopefully help me stay strong and fit as I barrel along towards my sixth decade on this lovely, spinning, planet.

Of course, Chris was a rock during the trying months of healing, too.
He picked up much of my work load around the house and farmlette.  He even got up with Bravo, our new puppy, every night from when he arrived in May until his bladder became mature enough to allow him to sleep until morning.  "You rest and heal," he said. "I've got this." And he did.

Bravo has been one of the best things that happened this year.  He is a joy to be around, and I am grateful every day for his sweet presence in our lives.

After a health scare with Chanel, the 30 year old horse, I was gifted with some epic kindness and skill in the form of team work from our large animal veterinarian and farrier.  Knowing I was unable to work they came to our aide at drastically reduced prices on behalf of the horse, and soon set her right.  She is well and happy, and cheerfully goes through my pockets every time I enter the pasture, looking for treats.

Abraham came to live at FairWinds this year.  His braying song makes me smile every time he sings it, and his funny personality adds a whole new dimension of happy to the barnyard.

Luna, my first and favorite goat, is still with us despite her puzzling and precarious health.  That is something to be gleeful about.

A book I co-authored was published and I was accepted as a blogger for Thrive Global, a new publication by Arianna Huffington.

I was the glad recipient of many kind wishes, thoughts, prayers, home cooked meals, special salves meant to ease my shoulder pain, cards and more after my injury.  And I got to meet my wonderful physical therapist, Marsha.  She made a profound impact on my life as she helped my body heal.

As I close the gate on '16, I will focus on the kindness, caring, and sweet moments of the past year. Sitting here, in my cozy house, I lift a mug of hot chocolate and drink with gratitude.  Thankful for lessons learned, smiles shared, generosity given, and love.  It is time to feed and water the livestock, breath deeply of the cold winter air and turn my face to the brightening sky, looking forward to the gifts to come in the New Year.

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Cheryl and Phil said...

Well done, Daryl!
We've certainly shared more than enough negativity this year; we have to forge ahead somehow, and doing so with the glass half full is a better way to do it.
If every one of us - every single person in the U.S., not to mention the rest of the world - did one nice thing every day, what a change we could make. Thanks for encouraging me to do so.