Friday, December 23, 2016

What a hero looks like...

Christmas is traditionally a busy time for pet groomers.  Today I had a full schedule.  The first two dogs were bathed, and when the third little dog came in I popped her in the tub, turned on the water and... nothing happened.  This was NOT GOOD.  The customer was waiting. In desperation I took the dog to my kitchen sink and scrubbed her up.  Meanwhile, a call was put into Chris.  He was at work, nearly an hour away.  You know what he did? He left work and drove home. This is a man that has only called out sick one time in the last several years. The man that goes to work on time and stays late most days. He just dropped everything and headed home.

 I washed the fourth dog of the day in the kitchen sink. And the fifth.  Chris disconnected hoses and drains and moved my tub and made manly grunting sounds.

Meanwhile, for some bizarre reason one of the breakers in the grooming studio kept tripping for no apparent reason. It was a grim scene.  I tried to maintain calm, and keep things jolly for the waiting customers.  It seemed to work, and I was able to keep on track with the timing of the day.

Chris ran down stairs and managed to make the breaker work. Then he ran upstairs and took the hoses off the washing machine.  In a few blinks he hooked those hoses up to the tub and voila!  I had running water.  Just in time for several larger, hairy dogs to come in for a bath and fluff. Dogs that decidedly would NOT have fit in the kitchen sink.
So if you ever wonder what a hero looks like, it looks like this guy.  Or any person who will drop what they are doing to come to your rescue when you really need them.  How lucky am I that I married a hero?

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Cheryl and Phil said...

You and me both, Daryl! Merry Christmas (and hug Chris for me!)!