Thursday, February 2, 2017


This morning while I was doing outside chores I had NPR chatting away to me from my pocket.
I was tickled to hear that today was Candlemas, something I was unfamiliar with.

So of course I came in and did a little research, because... that is how my  brain works. I found this:

  1. "A Christian festival held on February 2 to commemorate the purification of the Virgin Mary (after childbirth, according to Jewish law) and the presentation of Christ in the Temple. Candles were traditionally blessed at this festival." 

That was certainly interesting. The NPR reporter also explained that Candlemas is the halfway point of winter, falling between the shortest and longest days of the year.  And then he said something that really caught my attention.  Traditionally people would say, "You should still have half your wood and half your hay on Candlemas day."  All of this appealed to me, out in the 8 degree air wearing insulated everything and feeling as if winter would never end.  I still have a wall of hay, though the hoof stock are doing their best to polish it off.  And though I started the season without much wood, I do have a wonderful furnace to keep us warm for the second half of winter.  The days are getting longer and winter is half over. This put a smile on my face all day.  

Happy Candlemas day!  

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