Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ready for the storm...

The forecast is for a blizzard. They are tossing around words like "severe," and "crippling," and predicting 50  mph winds.

So today we put up water for the livestock in case we have a power outage and cannot use our well.
Chris helped me and together we cleaned out the goat and pony cozy and put a thick layer of fresh bedding in for them.  Later we will cram their feeders full of hay.

The bunnies all got clean houses, full food dishes, extra snacks and piles of hay to snuggle in.

The duck house got a layer of clean, dry shavings.

 A few chickens went in to visit and check things out.
 Of course, their coop got cleaned as well.  We tossed the soiled shavings out into the hen yard on top of the snow, and the birds got out for a few hours, scratching around and getting some fresh air.  When there is more than a few inches of snow on the ground they tend to prefer to stay in the coop, but they can be convinced to leave home if there is something to stand on that isn't white.  It was nice to see them out and about.
 I put fresh hay in the nest boxes, and they quickly added some eggs as if to reward us for our efforts.
 They are such pretty birds.
 Bravo stayed out with us the whole time, tossing toys in the snow and leaping to find them, pestering the birds and looking handsome.  The cold and snow don't bother him a bit.
The hoof stock seem bored. There is little for them to do but walk from their cozy to the hay rack to the water bucket and back. I feel bad for them, so took a pocket full of treats and a hair brush out and gave everyone a good brushing. They love that, and jockey for position close to me so I will run the brush over them. Here is Abraham, snugging in close so I'll pay attention to those epic ears of his. Notice Bravo in the background, sitting in the snow. There were wild turkeys on the other side of the fence. He is fascinated by them.

 Chanel's nimble lips worked up and down my jacket, trying to pry into my pockets and retrieve peppermints.  When I brushed her I noticed her thick coat shedding out by the handful.  A promise that winter will pass and the blizzards will be behind us.

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