Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Snowy day...

We had a pretty little snow storm this morning.  About 3 inches of nice, dry, powdery snow fell. Just enough to frost everything nicely.
The birds were very active at the feeder.  Amazingly, I have THREE bluebirds that come to visit.  They have been here all through January, which is odd, because normally they migrate to warmer climes.
I don't know what they find to eat to stay alive, but they look pretty perky out there. 
Bravo likes the snow. 
Abraham is less enthused. 
His thick, fuzzy coat keeps him toasty warm, but the icy footing outside is not popular with any of the livestock. 
Mostly they just hang out and eat. And eat. And eat some more. They are all overly plump.  

The storm seemed to leave behind a clean slate to start February with.  I hope the rest of the month is as lovely. 

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