Friday, April 21, 2017

Little faces...

Years ago Chris stated, "We have a lot of little faces at our house."  It is spring, and the faces are multiplying.  This keeps me busier than normal, and has kept me away from blogging.  My apologies... please let me make it up to you with pictures of some of the faces in question.

Thirteen baby bunnies fill the big hutch.
They are about as big as your hand now at 4 weeks.  They eat solid foods, (they can decimate an apple in about 60 seconds flat,)  and hop about like whimsical, fuzzy, jumping beans.

And the chicks have arrived.  26 of them, in a box delivered through the mail.  The phone call came at 6:45 AM. "It's John at the post office,(in the background frantic "cheeps!" can be heard.)  Your chicks are here."  15 minutes later I had them next to me on the front seat, and 15 minutes after that they were settled in with food, water and a heat lamp. The frenetic voices stilled, and soon they were calm and quiet, eating and eating and drinking and napping under the warmth of the light.  I can hardly stop watching them.

Most exciting of all are the kids.

There are five of them.  Ella had triplets on Easter Sunday.  This is interesting, because she was one of three kids born on Easter 4 years ago.  She is my naughtiest goat, but an excellent and devoted mama.  Her kids (two bucklings (boys) and a doeling, (girl)  are lovely and thriving.

Celeste delivered twins on Wednesday. She labored all day, pacing, stretching, pawing the ground, and I got worried.  After a chat with my patient veterinarian around 4:00 pm, friend Marion came over and gloved up.  She checked things out, and could feel two little hooves and a nose. She came in for a visit and a brownie, and 20 minutes later Celeste delivered two very pretty little doelings.   The only other time she kidded she firmly rejected her babies.  I was delighted that she accepted these babies, cleaning them carefully, and talking to them in the special voice that mama goats only use with their new kids.  She has had some difficulties letting them nurse, but things seem to be improving there.

Jane Doe goat is still expecting, and should deliver any time now.  We are going to be rich with laughter watching all those kids bouncing and flouncing around the place.

Bravo is fascinated by the bunnies and chicks and kids.  So far I have kept him away from them, but he he watches with great fascination from the closest vantage point.

These are the things that keep me busy this time of year. Little faces to feed and clean and watch with joy and enthrallment.

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