Monday, April 3, 2017

Slow start to spring...

It snowed all day Saturday. Sunday the sun shone and snow vanished at an astonishing rate, leaving boot-sucking mud in its wake.

Walking around the yard I saw...

Sprouts. Daffodil and tulip leaves, pushing through the cold earth, reaching for the sun.  Despite tomorrows forecast for more snow, I did what I must.

 I bought pansies.

Those jewel tones called me and two entire flats came home in the back of the truck.  I planted a little pot for the picnic table, two buckets to adorn the steps by the entry doors.  I still need to do a big pot by my sign post, and I have a secret plan for the rest.  They are destined to bring a smile to a friend.

The little window box on the chicken coop got stuffed full of pansies, too.  The hens stared up as I worked. I tossed them a few spent blossoms, and they gobbled them down.

I want to gobble down the colors and scents of spring, too. I settled for dirt under my nails and buckets full of promise on my stairs.

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