Sunday, April 2, 2017


While we were on vacation in Mexico, we took a day trip to a magical place called Xcaret.

Wikipedia has this to say, "The nature-based attractions of the park include a river that goes through the Mayan village, a subterranean concrete sluice in which people can swim and snorkel with a life vest. Near the inlet there are recreational activities at the beach, snorkeling, Sea Trek and Snuba in the nearby reefs, or swimming with dolphins. The park also has a coral reef aquarium turtle nesting site. Next to the inlet there’s an area for manatees. The park also has a bird pavilion, butterfly pavilion, bat caveorchids and bromeliad greenhouse, an island of jaguars, and a deer shelter, among others." 

To me the most magical thing was the bird pavilion. 

The place is arranged so that one can walk from the bottom level, where you might see ducks and pelicans, 

to middle levels where one might see familiar birds like Grosbeaks... and beautiful unfamiliar birds, too. 

And then an upper level, (complete with a heart stopping suspended bridge!) where one could look down and see everything... and some lovely birds flitting around the heights. 

 We logged over 5 miles that day.  I loved watching the manatees eating romaine lettuce.

And dolphins parting the water. 
The butterfly garden had a tropical magic...

We saw big cats...
and a scrawny house cat grooming itself on a cat statue...
There were baby turtles the size of my hand, 
And some beauties that were much, much larger than my bathtub... 
A good size crocodile... 
 And his cousin, a bold iguana.

I was enamored by a  flock of brilliant flamingos.  

Everywhere we looked there was beauty and amazement.  Screaming scarlet macaws circled the jungle and sapphire sea, slicing the sky with brilliance. Tombstones designed by family to illustrate the personality of the deceased climbed up a steep hillside.  I particularly liked this one with a big dog staring at at miniature chapel.

It was an altogether magical day, one I still think about with wonder.  Xcaret was a reminder of just how much beauty and marvel there is in the world. All encapsulated in one stunning space. We were blessed to see it.  

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