Sunday, April 23, 2017

Small goats, big world...

The new goat kids have been kept in small pens with their mamas since they were born. This kept them safe and warm, and helped the little families bond. Though they did entertain visitors, they had not seen beyond the goat cozy since they were born last week.

 Today was sunny and warm, and the pens needed to be cleaned, so I opened up gates and threw caution to the wind.  It didn't take long before they ventured from the goat cozy out into the pony room.  They danced and hopped and had a lovely time.  And then they peeked outside. Soon they were taking tentative steps out into the sunshine to explore their new world.

I was a bit concerned about how Abraham would receive the newcomers.  He is very territorial over his pasture, chasing crows and ravens away, and woe to the unknown dog that should venture in.  He gave me the fright of my life one day when a friends little Boston Terrier slipped through the fence. He went after her with a terrible vengeance, trying to stomp in her head with his hard hooves, teeth bared, ready to bite. It was a miracle she escaped, and a moment I will not soon forget.  I put a halter and lead rope on him in hopes that if he did go after a kid I could stop him before disaster occurred.
Little Roxy ran right up to him. He was interested to meet her, but showed no desire to crush her skull.  In fact, he looked a bit bemused when all 5 came out, skittering around on new legs.

Roxy also ran fearlessly up to Chanel. I had no worries at all about the horse, she has always loved new kids and been nothing but gentle with them. In fact, when our first kids were born at FairWinds, she helped clean them off, then ran excitedly about the pasture, calling out, as if to announce, "New life is here!" Today she extended a gentle nose and gave the wee doeling a good all-over sniff.

I let Bravo meet the kids up close and in person, too. He has been staring at them through the gate, and was very excited to get to sniff and lick them.

While we are on the topic of Bravo and little animals, look how sweet he is with the new chicks.
All day the tiny kids wandered around the pasture.  It was great fun to see them as they played or napped in the sun.  Tonight they are tucked back in their freshly cleaned goat cozy with their mamas.  And tomorrow there will be new things for them to discover.

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