Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Defining moments...

There have been some moments in raising my daughter that have caused me to realize that she has reached a new milestone. For instance, the day she walked into preschool, with her lady bug backpack, and confidently flashed me a saucy smile and a jaunty wave, never looking back. And the first time she drove away from me behind the wheel of a car, alone. Then there was the day she left to spend a year in India, that was the apron string cut heard 'round the world! There are smaller moments, too, such as when I come home to find she has picked a vase of flowers unbidden, or washed the dishes, or cooked a meal for our family.

This week I filled out an application for a passport. There was a line to fill out that read, "responsible adult who will not be traveling with you to contact in case of emergency." I started to fill in one of my sisters names, and then realized that I should write down the name of my daughter. My responsible, adult daughter. I filled in the line. I think is official. She's grown.