Monday, July 27, 2009

Drive in the country....

We took a Sunday drive in the country... and stopped in to see my friend Carol. She fed us fresh baked lemon squares and showed us her garden and her beautiful flock of chickens. It is so nice to know other people are as nuts over their chickens as I am! When we arrived the flock was no where to be seen, but she called them and the whole gang came running out of the woods, like a group of prehistoric creatures, emerging from the rain-laden undergrowth. They are very tame, eat from her hand and allow her to pick them up and carry them about.
Chris and I love to take the occasional drive. The area we live in is beautiful- each road holds the possibility of a new stunning vista... rolling meadows, sparkling lakes, towering ridges and shadowed valleys. There are farms with cattle, horses, pigs, goats, turkey and of course, chickens to see. Sometimes we stumble upon pastures full of Alpaca or red deer. And there is wildlife... yesterday we saw several hawks, an Osprey on a nest, a weasel peeking out of the undergrowth at the side of the road, and too many birds to count. We normally find some fun topic of conversation to explore as we travel, but there is also time for companionable silence.
When I was younger, I had no concept of "companionable silence." I thought every moment together with a lover should be filled with meaningful words. I would look at old couples in restaurants, sharing a meal with few words, and feel deep pity for them. Now, after a quarter of a century of time together, I understand that sometimes just being close, sharing an experience, listening to music or to nothing at all, is enough. More than enough.

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Jeannine said...

I love the wildlife ! I really do want to come up some time Love the lesson on silence (been journalling on it lately) & espec love the new header picture