Thursday, July 30, 2009

Welcome home...

I have a sweet friend, Brenda Knoll, who is one of those women. You know... the kind of woman who can do, well, absolutely everything, and do it well. She painted this beautiful watercolor as a gift to me. It is titled, "Welcome Home." She gave it to me last year when she came to visit, and I finally got it framed and hung. As you can see, the colors she chose to use in this composition are very complimentary to my decorating taste. I love everything about this painting... the way it looks, the fact that was a gift from someone dear to me, and perhaps, especially, the "Welcome Home" title.

When we moved to Maine (6 years ago this month) we looked at a dizzying 13 houses in a day and a half. Each had its charms; but this house spoke to me. I had a short list of desires in a new home, nothing cast in stone, but some things that I would really like. The list included: a sunny lot, no carpeting, a porch, two stories, some bead board paneling, at least 2 acres and a laundry room that was on the top level. This house is nestled in a meadow, with very few trees, so the sun pours in. There are two acres, two rooms with that paneling I love, only two small rooms had carpet (I yanked it up but quick!) a huge porch graces the entire front of the place, and to my joy, the laundry room is upstairs! To top the feeling of "right" off, the garden boasted one of my dad's favorite shrubs, a red barberry, one of my favorites, a Rosa rugosa, any my mom's favorite flower, Lilly of the Valley. The house suits me like a favorite pair of old jeans. Each time I walk in the door I feel... welcomed. I love my home. NOTE: I aplogize that the spacing of this post is wonky. Blogger was quirky tonight, and I did the best I could.

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