Monday, July 20, 2009

Wood lessons...

On a perfect July day I stacked wood. I am sure I dabbled a bit in wood stacking as a teen under my dad's instruction, but I didn't really know what I was doing as I started yesterdays venture.
I followed my friend Scott's simple instructions, (items #1. and 2. below.)
1. Stack wood off the ground on a pallet or something similar. This will prevent moisture from the earth from soaking into the logs.
2. Stack bark side down. The bark holds the moisture into the wood if it is on the top side.

Here is what I learned as I worked:
  • Freshly cut wood has a wonderful scent to it.
  • "Hard" (oak, maple, etc.) wood is MUCH heavier than "soft" wood (pine.)
  • Wood left in a pile during a wet summer grows an amazing array of colorful molds. From brilliant yellow to blaze orange and a whole palette in between.
  • Bugs like wood.
  • One can hear a lot of bird songs while stacking.
  • There is a pleasant rhythm to the work; bend, lift, stride, stack, repeat
  • My knees feel like they are 49 years old!
  • Ice water with a few springs of fresh mint from the herb garden is an ultra refreshing drink when working in the sun.
  • Stopping to look back at progress made is very rewarding.
  • Hearing a neighbor call out "GOOD JOB" from the window of her mini van as it whizzes by is amazingly encouraging!
  • I rather like stacking wood

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Mog said...

Good work there. It reminds me that we need to get some wood delivered. When we do can you come and stack it please! ;-)