Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fine friends...

Six and a half years ago we moved to Maine and left good friends, good jobs, familiar places and a home we loved. It was wrenching and difficult and stressful and challenging. If only I could have known that I would land here, in a meadow hugged home with a fun job, bolstered by people who like me, challenge me, bolster me, tease me, support me and fill my life in general with prism bright shards of color... embarking on that venture would have been so much easier.


Steve Jackman said...

Hi Daryl, very nice to see you if only in a picture.
Enjoyed looking some of your pictures, You have a great eye!
You look wonderful and happy!
Good for you.

Steve Jackman

Daryl said...

A surprise to see you here!
I thought you were allergic to the Internet? >grin<

Steve Jackman said...

Hey Daryl:

Yah I probably did say I was a "technophobe" however I'm doing better now days.
I'm on twitter and Facebook ...Yup its true.
This Blogger thing, not sure, how it works.


Daryl said...

Do you have an email address?
You can email me at: