Sunday, December 20, 2009

Put a bow on it...

My dear friend Terese is an artist... especially when it comes to wrapping gifts. When we lived near each other, every gift giving holiday was heralded by Terese bringing lovely, thoughtful gifts, wrapped to absolute perfection. The kinds of gifts I always want to present, but always fall short of. Terese would spend hours upon hours creating the beautiful packages. As for me, my intentions are good... I choose a theme, pick nice paper and ribbon, and go to town. But when it comes to measuring, cutting, folding, taping, I am unable to create the packages I see in my mind. My wrapping is always lumpy, uneven, childish and overly taped.

My husband, when he was new, was even worse at wrapping than I am. He would take a sheet of wrapping paper and swaddle gifts in multiple layers of it. Wad up the ends, smear with tape and add a tacky stick-on bow. I used to tease him about his wrapping. Then, one year he worked at a place that sold high end retail, and offered gift wrap. He was taught how to professionally wrap gifts. That Christmas every gift he gave me was wrapped to perfection. I hated it. I wanted the lumpy, wadded, over taped gifts of the past. I suddenly missed the very things I used to taunt. (Thankfully, he regressed. I am delighted!)

This year, as I wrap and tape and be-ribbon the gifts I have chosen for those I care about, I recognize that I am not so skilled at making lovely packages. But I forgive myself... I have learned that I love imperfectly packaged gifts. I trust that those I care about can love my messy attempts as well.

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