Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kindness and Tiger Maple...

Almost 7 years ago when I first moved to Maine, the very first thing I did was go to work at my new job at Yankee Clipper Pet Grooming. And one of the very first customers that I met there was a man named Jim Brown. Jim owns a round mocha colored Cocker spaniel called Rudder. It was pretty much love at first sight for me when I met Rudder, and Jim took note of my adoration of his dog and gave me his seal of approval. I think he was the first customer that requested that I groom his dog. I was honored.

Over the years I got to know Jim and his totally wonderful wife, Nance a little better. And the more I knew them, the more I liked them. They added a new Cocker to the family, Tilly. And I got to help out with finding her and bringing her to them from Georgia on an airplane. (Truth be told, I kind of wished they would change their minds, because I'd become smitten with the little 4 lb. puppy during our travels together.)

There came an opportunity where I was able to do something nice for Jim and Nance and take care of the dogs for a while when they had to be away. I think it is good karma to do nice things, and I was happy to have chance to make these good peoples life just a wee bit easier during a difficult time. But they one-upped me. In a big way.

You see, Jim and Nance own a place that makes incredible handmade furniture. I had toured their place years ago, and had been dreaming of a time when maybe I could own a dining room table made there. During the time that I was taking care of the dogs, Jim told Nance, "We ought to make that woman a table or something." So they are. They even came to my house and measured my dining room, checked out the "lay of land" and made suggestions on the size and shape of the wonderful piece of furniture they are making me. (You can find out more about their creations at

In this picture I am with Jim (on the right) in the workshop, standing in front of my table, in progress! The craftsman who is cutting and gluing my tabletop is on the left. If you look down to the lower right you will see Rudder's posterior portion. He was checking out my table, too.

So, someday in the near future my humble little dining room will boast an amazing table, hand made of beautiful Tiger Maple (grown right here in Maine!) and carefully finished to a mellow glow. And our friends and family will gather there for food and laughter and memory making. And the table will be part of a circle of kindness, and will be something to treasure.


D'Gaye said...

Gosh Daryl....I was in their shop when I was in Maine. Went because I love Windsor chairs. In fact I have 2 very old Bird cage windsors.

I'd say lucky you, but I think it is more like ..YOU deserve it.

Daryl said...

You are so sweet! Isn't the shop amazing?