Monday, January 25, 2010


Yesterday I took my camera out when I filled the bird feeders. I leaned against the rough bark of a pine tree and just listened for a while. When the ground is covered with snow the world seems hushed; sounds are muffled. But there, under the pines, the air was rife with the sweet calls of chickadees. And more than that, the nearly buzzing sound of the chill air on their feathers as they flew.
There were 10 or more zooming from the hedge to the trees to the feeder and back. I caught a few good photos. I particularly like the gleam in the eye of this tiny bird. They seemed unworried by my presence there. I am adding the following goal to my list for 2010... I want to have a Chickadee land on my hand. I would love to feel that vibrant energy against my skin, even if only for one swift second.

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