Saturday, January 16, 2010

Laughing at myself...

The chickens have refused to leave the coop for weeks, ever since there was snow on the ground. This morning when I went to the coop with food, water and treats the thermometer read 30 F. A veritable heat wave! I opened the chicken door and the big door to let fresh air in. I planned to shut the big door before I left for work.

When I was ready to leave for the day I headed back out to the coop. I was wearing my work shoes instead of my good ice gripping boots. The path from house to hens place is one long, icy chute. Picture an ice rink with a very uneven surface. I stared at the ground, choosing my footing carefully as I crept along.

When I got to the edge of the hen yard, I suddenly saw something in my peripheral vision. Dark animals, moving in the yard! I was startled. I gasped, in loud surprise. Something out of the ordinary, maybe there to harm my hens! My heart rate elevated, adrenaline rushed through my body. I jerked my head up, eyes off the ice, and on to the threat.

And then I laughed at myself. My hens had left the coop, and were out skittering around on the crust of snow. They were startled by my reaction to them, and by my belly laughs.

Unexpected hens on snow. The laugh was on me.

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