Saturday, February 15, 2014

And then a party happened...

For Valentine's Day my husband and I planned that he would bring home some meal from the city where he works for us to splurge on. Our daughter was expected to come home for the weekend later in the evening. Then she called and said that she was going to be earlier than expected, and would be home in time to eat with us. I decided I'd cook rather than have Chris bring take out. I was sitting in my truck plotting what I would like to cook when I got a message from a friend. She was lonely and bored, so I invited her to join us for supper. Since I was feeding those two, I called a co-worker whose date had cancelled at the last minute and invited her, too.

My two friends where here and we were cooking, music playing, chatting happily when Scott called. He was on his way to plow the heavy, icy, wet snow from our driveway. He came in to visit a bit after he was done, and saw us cooking tortillas. I gave him a sample of the tasty chicken and bean filling I had made. Moments after he left he called me, "So, do you have extra tortillas? Because, I don't want to be rude, but I could go get my wife and we could come back!" This was a great idea, and he did as promised. Meanwhile, our daughter arrived home.

When my husband drove in from work he found a driveway full of cars. When he opened the door he found a party in progress. Candles lit, music playing, the air perfumed with spicy Mexican style food and the sound of happy voices bouncing off the walls.

Soon we were at our polished table, plates laden with home cooked flavor. We stayed there for hours, passing the wine bottle, telling stories, laughing. It was good.

This morning my first thought was about how much fun the evening hours had been. My husband rolled over and said,"Last night? That is how I always hoped our home would be. Good friends, good food, great conversation and laughs." My thoughts exactly.

It wasn't planned, but our impromptu party was a gift.