Sunday, February 16, 2014


The forecasters said we could have as much as 20 inches of snow last night. I like winter, but I have to admit I was not excited by the prospect. After work yesterday I came home and cleaned the chicken coop and the pony shed, filling them both with clean, sweet pine shavings to help the animals stay warm. I filled their feeders and topped up the electric water bowls and buckets. With all the animals cared for I retreated to the house and the wood stove for a cozy supper while the wind blew and the snow flew. The before bed time check found the animals safe, the goats nested into deep bedding and chewing their cuds, the horse nibbling hay and ignoring the wind, the chickens fluffed up and asleep on their roosts.

Morning dawned bright, with blue skies- snow and ice cycles sparkling.
The thermometer boasted 23 degrees, a veritable heat wave after so many nights of sub zero temperatures. It is hard to tell because of the wind drifts, but I think we only got 6-8 inches of snow. Far easier to deal with than the predicted 20 inches.

Inside we are enjoying windows full of sun reflecting off new snow. There may be more storms to come before winter succumbs to spring, but it is nice to know that each day the light stays longer and warm days come closer.
I'll be glad to welcome spring this year.

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