Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chaos and mayhem...

This is Flirt. She is a Toy Poodle and weighs 7 pounds.

She is currently "in season." That means her body is ready for breeding.
This causes her to become very affectionate with humans, and down right pushy with other dogs. She behaves as if she wants something, but doesn't know what that something is.

This is Ziva. She is a Black Mouth Cur and weighs 55 pounds. Flirt does not really like Ziva, normally. But now that she is in season, she thinks Ziva is the most wonderful thing in the world. She taunts her and teases her and begs her to play. Ziva responds, trying politely to play with her. But she is BIG and Flirt is small, and when Ziva paws at her or mouths on her Flirt lets out a high pitched squeak, similar to that of a smoke detector.

So, for hours on end here, there is racing and romping and squeaking and squealing. It is enough to wear on the nerves of a patient person, and that patient person is (was!) me.

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