Friday, February 21, 2014

Guardian of hearts and home...

It is unusually quiet at home tonight. My sweet husband is working late. When he is home, the house is filled with sound. The sound of his voice, and the sound of music or television. When I am home alone I often have no music playing, and I rarely turn on the TV. So, while I was snuggled on the sofa working on a computer project in the still evening, the dogs were cuddled up around me. And then there was a NOISE from the kitchen. A fairly loud noise. A slide-y, thumpy noise. The dogs went on full alert mode.

Ziva the Black Mouth Cur, who is one year old now, came off the sofa like a tiger, and raced to the door, bellowing loudly. We bought her to help guard home and livestock, and now that she is one year old she is really growing into her role as guardian. Flirt, the Toy Poodle, barked her shrill, horrid little bark, egging the Cur on. Poppy the antique pug, deaf and tired, snuggled in closer, oblivious.

The sound we had heard did not alarm me. I suspected the broom that hangs precariously from a too-small nail had fallen. I didn't get up to investigate. But Ziva was on it! She checked the door, then came back to me, then checked the dining room. From there she peered suspiciously into the dim kitchen. I watched her as she leaned in, looking hard. Her hackles rose and then she jumped back, alarmed. Something was amiss. She looked at me, hard, seeming to try to convey some urgency. I sighed, and got up.

There, on the floor next the hutch, was the big ivy plant. Apparently the soil had become dry, making the foliage heavier than the plant, and it had tumbled to the floor. It lay there, in the shadows, looking quite menacing to the guard dog. I approached the plant. Ziva hung close to my legs, ready to defend me if necessary. I picked the plant up. Ziva watched. I think she was impressed by my bravery. I put the plant into the sink. Ziva looked satisfied as I hosed it down, no doubt drowning the evil thing!

My young dog is growing into an excellent companion. Someday she may even cease to be afraid of upended ivy plants!

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