Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Messages from the past...

Our contractor found two interesting things in the walls of the old porch.

The price of roosters has not changed much in the many years since that sign slipped between the cracks!

We know our house was built in 1907, and it had an open porch. Sometime later someone enclosed the porch, and I often wondered when. I believe my question has been answered by this:

I am told this type of porch is called a "Farmers Porch." It has wonderful old columns to hold the roof up, and is pitched so rain would run off the front. There is something about this space that speaks to my soul. I am happy when I am there, looking out at Appleton ridge in the distance, glimpsing Sennebec Pond when the leaves are off the trees, and the meadow across the street and yard around me.

Now that it is stripped down to its essence, I still find the space charming and welcoming. I can hardly wait to see how it will look when it is all done. I think I'll hide a message in the wall for someone to find in 100 years or so.

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