Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spring beginnings, (and a small poultry addiction...)

All at once the leaves have started to unfurl, and the greening of the world around me has intensified. We had big rain yesterday, and today the sun is out, conditions that further the happy march of spring.

The view when I step out to do chores in the morning is lovely no matter the season... but I do like it cloaked in shades of green.

Novella is due to kid in about 9 days. I can hardly wait!

The daffodils and tulips are making a grand show of themselves this year, filling the bed that was brown just a short time ago with glorious color.

And now about that poultry addiction...

The 25 Roaster chicks are growing nicely. This is my favorite batch of meat birds we've had, they actually have a wee bit of sense and a tiny spark of personality.

Then there are the "regulars."

My laying flock, and the amusing runner ducks.

Last fall my friend Marion pawned a hard luck Silky Chicken off on me. I have always thought Silkie's were cute, but never desired to have any of my own. They are tiny, and not known for being very productive egg layers. This little hen had lost all her flock-mates to predators, and was lonely, so I agreed to take her in. She settled in with our flock fairly well, no one picked on her, but she didn't seem to have any real hen friends. I toyed with the idea of getting her a Silky pal, but then never followed through.

On Monday I was gardening, and my neighbor called and said, "I'm going to look at some chicks nearby, would you like to go for a ride?" Of course I did! My friend picked out some nice little pullets, and on our way back to the car I spotted a very cute little Silky rooster strutting around. I told the people selling the chickens about my rescued hen. Before I could avert my eyes, the woman flung open the door to the shed we were standing in front of, and said, "Oh, you should get your bird a FRIEND!" There inside the shed was a cage with three incredibly cute Silky chicks. Unbidden the words "Oh, I'll take one," flew out of my mouth. The woman said, "I'd like them to go together," and as if by magic the words, "OK, I'll take them all," spurted from my lips. I handed over some cash and brought a box full of ridiculous looking fluff home.

There are two little pullets and one rooster, and they crack me up every time I look at them. They are acclimating to the place nicely, and I do hope they will become friends with Feather. So far she has squabbled with them a bit, which looks a lot like powder puffs engaging in battle. It's quite entertaining!

Spring is here, filled with birdsong and budding beauty... and a lot of poultry.

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