Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring afternoon...

It was a busy day. Contractors in the house making lots of noise and asking so many questions. I made a zillion decisions before noon. AND cleaned the house.
Then I wrote an article that was due. By 3:30 my body and mind were weary. I needed to recharge my batteries, so I grabbed my camera, my Cur and my bummer lamb and headed to the pasture.

I plunked myself down in the grass. The lamb is behind the curve learning to graze. I thought if I sat in the grass she'd nibble some, because she nibbles everything. It sort of worked, but she also nibbled me and my camera and the dog and some sticks and a rock and the pipe from the well.

The sun was getting low in the sky. The goats came to visit me. Luna goat pressed her face against mine, and breathed in, deeply. I scratched her chest and side and neck and belly. I wished I could take a picture of how cute she was but there was no way to do that with my 35 mm camera. Then I remembered I could take a 'selfie' with my cell phone. Celeste photo bombed... that is her dark head peering in between the love Luna and I were sharing.

The light was lovely... and my vantage point let me see things at a different from usual angle.

The chickens investigated...

The meat chicks are getting huge. And those FEET!

Novella is due to have kids on the 27th. She is WIDE. And as you can see in this funny picture of her scratching her chin, she is building a wee little udder. I can hardly wait to see her new babies.

Ziva loves the vernal pool that we have in the meadow, and zooms through it fast and often. Then she smells like swamp. But the joy she exhibits helps me ignore her muddy little body.

An hour sitting in the grass, feeling the sun and wind and watching the animals made me feel... blessed. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

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Cheryl and Phil said...

Sitting down in the pasture gives you AND the livestock a different perspective, and a fun one, a that. The critters are very curious to see their human down at their level (WHY isn't she eating any grass???). And it's just a fun way to spend an hour or so. Reading about your farm is almost as good as having my own back! Thanks for sharing!