Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I've been setting myself into a bad place. I look at challenging projects and think, "I'll have Chris help me with that." or worse, "I can hire someone to do that." Projects like digging up a shrub I want taken away, or moving a very heavy object. Chris has his own things to do, and putting things off is just not working. So today, after work, I wanted to overhaul my herb garden. This meant hoeing out weeds, digging up huge plants that need to be replaced, raking the bed, hauling the refuse off, and digging out the heavy granite base and top of a bird bath, also moving some giant, heavy rocks and a pile of bricks.

My mindset of, "I'm not strong enough." Or worse, "I'm too OLD," is damaging. It limits me. So today I chucked those thoughts to the wind. I strapped on my work boots and pulled on some good garden gloves. I dug out things with huge root balls, I moved heavy, heavy stone objects, I raked and hoed and hauled and shoveled and swept and dug. How can I be strong if I abdicate jobs like these to others? When I was done the garden bed was perfect... and I felt like a Viking warrior. A sore, tired, Viking warrior. I grilled a couple steaks and grinned like a fool.

I'll tackle something else difficult tomorrow.

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