Monday, November 30, 2015

Beauty rediscovered...

When I graduated high school my mother offered to take me shopping to buy something I really wanted.
I knew just where I wanted to go. There was a wonderful jewelry store in Ipswich, Massachusetts that specialized in sterling silver, and featured Native American and turquoise delights.

I looked at everything, and finally chose a "Squash Blossom" style necklace. It cost $150.00, which seemed a very extravagant gift, indeed. One of my best friends mom had a necklace in this style, and she looked so classically beautiful and elegant when she wore hers.

I wore and wore it, and it began to become dull and tarnished. I was afraid to try to polish it, because I didn't want to damage the turquoise. It was so tarnished I couldn't enjoy wearing it. Recently I asked a local jeweler if he could help, and he said to bring it by, he thought he could.

He was right!

37 years of dirt and tarnish is gone, leaving the lustrous glow of silver and sweet memories.

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