Friday, November 27, 2015


It was a lovely Thanksgiving. Maybe the best yet.

The turkey, pasture raised by my friend, was by far the most delicious we've ever had.

The tables were festive.

There were visiting dogs.

And visiting with dogs.

And other random visiting.

There was a gracious plenty of food.

Sister Deb and I paused before we called everyone to dish up their meal, and just listened. We listened to the sound of all the happy voices, the laughter, the sweet strains of soft music threading throughout. It was a magical.
And the teamwork that happened to make the whole event run smoothly was very fine. Chris stocked the pantry and refrigerators so that as we cooked every single thing we needed was right at hand. Daughter Rachel helped me clean and organize and decorate and cook. Sister Deb brought lovely ironed tablecloths and pretty linen napkins, and pies and breads and other yummy contributions. She also made enviable gravy. Other folks brought things to add to the enjoyment of the day. And the day was undoubtedly enjoyable!

When the eating was over the "kids," all headed for the most comfortable spots... covered up in quilts and dogs and giggles.

And there they stayed, until they'd digested enough to fit in some dessert. The day ended with us full, in so may ways.

Then today it was up and at 'em, putting the house back in order, and eating. Again. Dessert for breakfast, leftovers for brunch. We took fall decorations down, and put some greens up. Just for fun. And then we participated in a tradition my niece Emily started a few years back. We decorated gingerbread houses. Such a delightful thing to do.

Before I knew it they were all gone, the last car sliding out to the road and away. And the house sighed and felt very, very quiet.
An air of contentment lingered. Yes, it was a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Rain said...

Absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving!! Thank you for sharing!!