Sunday, November 8, 2015

Gearing up for the feast...

We host the Thanksgiving feast at our house each year. It is something we all look forward to, and begin to prepare for some time in advance of the actual holiday. Today, in between putting flower gardens to bed, marking the driveway for snow removal purposes, cleaning the goat and pony sheds, taking the weeks trash to the transfer station, and festooning my lovely arbor with little white lights to twinkle through the long winter nights, I did a little decorating.

Some pumpkins left over from Halloween joined my mothers funky electrified brass candlesticks with the little flickering bulbs, a wonderful antique basket and some vines I found in the woods to create a pleasing tableau on top of a cabinet.

And this little gem? We went to our favorite local farm stand, and dropped $17. on gourds, edible squash and corn. I dug out the cornucopia basket I've had for years, and in less than 10 minutes had created what I think is a very pleasing centerpiece. Bonus points, most of the items in the basket can be cooked for supper once the holiday is passed.

There is much to do before we fling the doors open and welcome our loved ones to share this annual repast, but the tone has been set. Let the festivities begin!

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